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Repairing your garage door is my main focus. Whether you need springs, pulley, cables, rollers, opener parts or adjustments. My qualified technician will be able to service your needs today. My service vehicles are fully equipped with replacement parts and supplies so you can expect all repairs to be completed during the initial service call. We also provide you with a 10 point safety evaluation, educating you on the overall condition of your garage door hardware and opener. Your satisfaction is my personal concern. New Door and Opener installation are also available.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Havertown Garage Door and Opener Repair

Havertown Garage Door and Opener Repair – Avoid These Mistakes in Havertown Garage Door and Opener Repair

Avoid the mistake of trying to repair a torsion spring on your own. What is a torsion spring anyway? When you are standing inside the garage when the door is down, look up above the door. You will see a long coiled spring. That is the torsion spring. It might look innocent, but it has a great deal of power stored in those coils. If you handle that spring wrong, it can snap in the wrong direction. This particular repair is one of the Havertown garage door and opener repairs you need to leave to the professionals. It might look like it's easy. Nevertheless, why take a chance?

Do not make the mistake of thinking you can repair a door off the tracks. You might think it looks easy. However, in order to repair the door, you need to know how to dismantle it first. Then you need to fix the underlying problem that caused the door to come off the tracks in the first place. At that point, you can install the door back into the tracks. You cannot do this repair yourself. It is definitely a two person job. Moreover, it can take a bit of time. Therefore, do you want to spend your weekend fiddling with the door or do you want to bring in the experts who know how to handle Havertown garage door and opener repair.

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